1st International Conference

on Animal Hospice and Palliative Care
for the General Practitioner

14-15 April 2023 - Venice

1st International Conference

on Animal Hospice and Palliative Care for the General Practitioner

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and honor to invite you all to the 1st International Conference on Animal Hospice and Palliative Care for the General Practitioner.

In the last years, we have witnessed a progressive paradigm change, as pets have become family members. As a result, owners pay increasingly attention to the physical needs as well as to the emotional and social well-being of their companions, especially when a chronic or terminal illness occurs. Veterinary medicine has acknowledged this evolution, and many veterinarians are currently taking into consideration the “human-animal bond".

Moreover, thanks to the extension of life expectancy due to the advances in veterinary medicine, the canine and feline population with chronic or terminal illness is growing, and veterinarians more and more often see this kind of patients.

It is precisely in this context that palliative and hospice therapies fit well. In agreement with human medicine, and thanks to specific guidelines which have recently become available, also Veterinary Medicine has started to consider this approach.

While this topic has been addressed for a decade in the United States, for the very first time it is addressed in Europe within an International Conference.

Given the novelty and importance of the topic, we strongly encourage your participation!

The conference will be held in collaboration with the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative care (IAAHPC).

The scientific program includes oversea veterinary keynote speakers, aimed at providing a whole view of the topic with the more recent advances.

We have chosen a unique place for our venue: Venice. The Local Organizing Committee is confident that this magic city will facilitate the integration between scientific update, historical culture, good food and social activities. You will be surprised by our traditional Welcome cocktail as well as by the aperitif on the boat along the magical canals of the city.

With this conference, we hope to create a “group identity” that will continue to exchange information and contribute to new advances on animal hospice and palliative care.

The local organizing committee believes that this is one of the most important key factors for a vital and successful scientific society and we are doing our best to encourage the meeting of friends and colleagues in a pleasant historical frame.

Waiting for you in Venice

Giorgia della Rocca, Shea Cox, Tamara Grubb, Laura Marconato, Federico Corletto & Gualtiero Gandini

Scientific Committee

Organized in cooperation with
IAAHPC International Association form Animal Hospice and Palliative Care
E.V. Soc. Cons. a r.l.


Via Sigismondo Trecchi, 20
26100 Cremona (CR) - Italy

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